Sligo Gaol

This Master Plan was developed to give “Strategic Direction” to Sligo County Council’s proposals to develop a One Stop Shop and other developments on the site of Sligo Gaol at Riverside, Sligo.

The Sligo Gaol Complex (built in 1815-1822) is a highly significant heritage grouping. It may be the only surviving example in Ireland of a gaol with a polygonal plan form. Although partially demolished what remains is sufficiently intact to demonstrate the whole.

The site is quite prominent at present as it lies on relatively low ground close to the open area of the river and adjoining ground. This prominence is likely to increase with a new Eastern Route, road and river crossing.

A primary objective of the design process was to accentuate the fabric and cultural significance of the old buildings, primarily through enhancing their visibility and providing that any new building or intervention on the site should not detract from the original prison.