House at Bogay

The design of the House at Bogay began with considerations of orientation relative to the sun, views towards the sea, privacy for its occupants and importantly, that the project should not impede the views of a neighbouring dwelling to the rear. The client requested a first floor for sleeping, ruling out a single storey dwelling. It was decided that a flat roof house would be best as i allows the neighbour views over the dwelling towards the sea, and furthermore by turning the first floor by 90 degrees, these views arc broadly maintained. The block-like nature of the resultant form influenced the choice of concrete brick on the ground floor and timber for the first floor. The heavy brick and concrete on the ground supports the light weight timber first floor, the tectonic nature of the materials thus accentuating their purpose and compatibility. The south west gable does not have a built wall and is fully glazed, allowing ample light and seamless connection to the patio. This gable is also the only place where the roof is given expression, by slipping out from behind the parapets to overhang the glazing and provide shelter to the patio below. The glazing along the south cast side and towards the view are “hole in the wall” apertures which frame the views. The cill level of these windows form window seats allowing occupants to effectively sit into the landscape, and the width of the windows reducing in size towards cast and less occupied rooms in the dwelling.